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12th Grade

Mississippi Burning

Directions: Write a reaction to the film “Mississippi Burning.”  The minimum length for this reaction paper is a 400 word essay.

Questions to consider in your reaction:

What are your final thoughts on the film?

Did anything in this film surprise you? Explain.

Who do you consider the real heroes in this movie and why?

Is justice served?  Explain.

Any additional reactions?

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12th Grade

12 Angry Men

by Jacob Blum

1. Should all criminal trials be decided by a unanimous vote by the jury?  Some states (Oregon and Louisiana) only require a supreme majority vote of 10 to 2 to convict somebody.  Should the vote have to be unanimous or should somebody be convicted to prison or death by a majority vote of something like 7 to 5?

2. In your opinion, what is the value of watching the movie 12 Angry Men?  Did this movie teach you anything about trial by jury?

3. The defendant in this case was a kid who is approximately your age.  Are the men represented in this jury really your peers?  Explain and defend your answer.

4. Would have the accused young man in this case have been better off if his case was decided by a judge?  Why or why not?  Make sure that you explain and defend your answer.

5. If you were the person on trial.  Which two members of the jury would you want to have eliminated from this jury?  Explain and defend your answer.

6. In your opinion, who would you rank as the two best members of the jury in this case?  Why were these people the best members of the jury in your opinion?  Explain and defend your answer.

7. After watching the movie 12 Angry Men has your answer to question number one changed?  Why or why not?

12 Angry Men Question Sheet

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